Virtualisation; Efficiency and Reliability in the Workplace

It doesn’t matter if you’re an SME, a new start-up, or a multi-national corporation; efficiency in your processes, your systems, your work patterns, and your technology is of paramount importance to your bottom line. It’s an issue that comes up time and again when we look at IT support and solutions for the businesses we work with in South Wales.

And it’s an area in which virtualisation can make an impact.

Virtualisation is not a new thing

IT and digital technology seem to present new innovation and services on an almost daily basis; many of which can be treated as passing fads. The latest ‘best thing since sliced bread’ way of operating that will get a lot of attention right up until it’s replaced with something even more magnificent.

Virtualisation has followed a slightly different path. It’s not an especially new innovation, the concept and technology behind it have been around for some time. However, it’s been something of a slow-burner for businesses when it comes to understanding the benefits it can bestow an organisation when it comes delivering greater:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Cost-Effectiveness.

So, how does virtualisation help deliver these benefits? Let’s have a look at some of the key improvements that it can deliver to your business:

Reduced Hardware Costs

One of the great benefits of virtualisation is that you can reduce the amount of machinery needed within the business. Traditionally each application in your business might have required its own server, which often means a lot of unused capacity on each one. Virtualisation works utilising this capacity, separating one server into multiple ‘virtual’ servers.

Each application operates in its own virtual space, meaning you can reduce the amount of machinery and hardware you use.

Energy Efficiency

Of course, by reducing the amount of hardware used in the organisation, there’s an additional saving from which you can benefit.

Each machine in operation requires powering. The more you use, the greater the output, the higher the costs on your energy bills.

Both homeowners and businesses across South Wales have had to be mindful of utility and energy bills, as costs across the Principality have continued to rise. By introducing virtualisation into your business, the amount of energy required to power the essential software and services can be significantly lowered; helping to offset these rising charges.

It’s a saving on the business costs and a plus for the company’s environmental credentials

Workplace Efficiency and Office Productivity

Virtualising your IT infrastructure also removes a lot of the management complexity within the system. Manual tasks such as adding new server workloads can be eradicated from the routine, saving the business time and allowing more productive use of labour resources.

In addition, by maximising the efficiency of the hardware in operation, and of course, by reducing that amount of hardware, the level of maintenance required will be reduced. Leading to even more time savings and greater productivity.

Business Continuity

With virtualisation, each virtual server will be working on its own operating system (OS). Therefore, if there’s an issue with one application, or if maintenance or an upgrade is required, it can be carried out in isolation from the rest of the system.

This has the effect of allowing your system to remain operational, reducing the levels of unplanned downtime, maintenance delays, and other disruptions to the business. With such heavy reliance on our IT systems within every sector of the business, downtimes can be costly; and longer downtimes can be really costly. By reducing these incidences, you can significantly improve the operational efficiency through enhanced business continuity, reduce expenses, and protect your reputation by delivering the services required to your customers.

Virtualisation may not be a new concept; indeed, many of the popular web service providers have operated on virtual servers for years. But there are still a wealth of businesses around South Wales for whom the concept remains alien. Businesses for whom virtualisation may reap significant rewards.

If you’d like to have a chat about how virtualisation may be able to deliver efficiency to your business, give us a call

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